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The Botany of Wine – Taxonomy

Where do grape varieties — and the wines — we know of today come from? What saved European vineyards from almost extinction in the nineteen century? Why are we talking about 6000 to 8000  grape varieties but sometimes this number rises from 14000 to 20000? Sit down, relax, and explore the fascinating world of the botany of wine. Cheers!

Wine Botany presents The Origins of Wine

When, where and how did wine happen? In this video we’re traveling through space (Georgia—the country) and time (around 6000-9000 years ago) to discover how the grapevine was domesticated and the winemaking process created.

The wines presented are from Archil Guniava Wine Cellar, a small Georgian family winery in Kvaliti village, Imereti Georgia. Cheers!

Welcome to Wine Botany

Wine Botany is an holistic approach to wine, talking about the plant, its environment and human interventions before you can taste the wine in your glass. It is a great opportunity to talk about environment and health, as well as the wonderful traditions and culture of the places wine is from. Cheers !

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Wine Botany

Wine Botany is an advocate for better wine drinking. Its mission is to help you enjoy wine to the fullest extent and to share how the wine creation process impacts your health.

Through its holistic approach to wine–which takes into consideration the whole instead of its parts independently–Wine Botany explores wine from the plant and its land—including its culture and lifestyle—to the winemaking and practical processes as well as how your body deals with its components.

Our goal is to not only help you identify the wines that match your tastes, but also the ones that are the most suitable for your health.