Healing Spirits: the botany and herbalism of Aperitives and Digestives
Discover the history and botanical make up of some of the most famous Aperitive and Digestive spirits, and the impact these drinks have on our organism.


From Fernet Branca to Suze, Aperitives and Digestives are on the shelves of every liquor store, and in many cultures are served as everyday drinks—by themselves or in cocktails. But though the purpose they serve today is mostly for enjoyment, these herbal drinks and their history (some dating back to centuries ago) also reveal important medicinal properties.

Through this class you will learn about (and taste) some of today’s major aperitive and digestive spirits, the herbs and plants they’re composed of, and—through their medicinal actions—their physiological impact on your health.


About the presenter

Tremeur Arbor grew up in France where he studied music and biology, and where folkloric herbalism and wine are an everyday part of life. Living in New York since 1998 where he studies botany and herbalism, he founded the Vinoteria social network and more recently Wine Botany, which explores wine from the plant and its land—including its culture and lifestyle—to the winemaking and practical processes as well as how your body deals with its components. Through its comprehensive and holistic approach, Wine Botany cares for the planet, and for people’s health and wellness.

Thursday March 9, 2017 – 7pm-9pm
@ Sacred Waters, 5-35 51st Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
$65 before March 1st, $75 from March 1st